It was seven years ago when I first started writing and set out to publish my first children’s book. I learned so much, but looking back there's one thing I wish I had: a writing mentor.

I wish there was somebody who knew the ins and outs of publishing and could help me navigate the many, MANY decisions that would come. The expert advice of someone who had done it before would have helped me avoid so many mistakes and save so much money!

Now that I've realized how important this is, I want to be sure that all aspiring authors have access to something I wished for: a publishing mentorship.

I've created a program called the Publishing Mastermind. It’s a twelve-month mentorship where I help you go from rough draft to finished product. My company publishes your children's book within the year, and gives you access to everything I've learned.

I'll take care of the editing and make sure your book looks amazing. You retain all the rights to your book, all the profits, AND you join a handful of other authors in a Mastermind Group for support. It’s everything I wanted when I was starting out (and more!)

I only accept a limited amount of authors for the mentorship each year that way I can be 100% committed to each author's success.

I'm also looking for empowering stories -- books for children with a great message. If you have a children's book you want published, shoot me an email here and let’s set up a time to talk. I would love to hear your story and help make it a reality!

Imagine your book in your hands within a year!

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