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Receive professional advice and access to the monthly LIVE Q&As so you can conquer all your writing & publishing questions.


Make progress on your children's book with the accountability that a professional writing community provides.


Experience a tight-knit group of aspiring children’s book authors, making your writing journey a joy.

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A message from membership creator, Miriam Laundry

I’ve had the privilege of mentoring hundreds of first-time children’s book authors and the keys to their success are pretty straightforward:

  1. They had a deep desire to impact children with their book
  2. They educated themselves and,
  3.  They had someone supporting them and cheering them on.

I know that you CAN experience the same thing these authors did- you can finish your book and hold it in your hands. This membership is being designed to provide all this and more.

The LIVE Q&A component, the community building meetings, the professional editors, authors and coaches I plan to bring in to share their experience, all this will provide that essential support so you can finish and publish your children’s book.

I’m excited to open the doors to this brand new membership and invite you into our tight-knit community.

Is this membership for real?
 From our author community...

Sally Wong Headshot

Sally Wong

Author, Too Young

“Miriam, I’m so grateful you decided to help others achieve their dream... Others like me.”

Khursheed Sethna

Author, The Mouse Who Lost Her Squeak

"Miriam created a community and a family that supported each other and wanted each other to succeed."

Baldev Grewel

Author, Good Night Leena... Sleep Tight

"Thank God our paths crossed and I am getting this necessary guidance from Miriam!"

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