My Guinness World Record ™: How I Set It 

Eight years ago I set a Guinness World Record ™ with my self-published children’s book, I CAN Believe in Myself

Even though a handful of years have passed, that achievement still impacts me today. I learned a lot through that experience. I have no doubt that setting a Guinness World Record ™ taught me some valuable lessons.

3 Things I Learned from Setting a Guinness World Record ™

Miriam planning for the Guinness World Record

Planning is everything.

Setting a Guinness World Record ™ wasn’t easy. It took a lot of hard work, dedication and planning.

To figure out exactly what I needed to do, I simply asked myself this question:

What would I have to do to empower 100,000 children to believe in themselves by May 7th, 2014?

Then, I brainstormed.

Without the planning that followed, I never would have set that record. No matter what your goal is, you can use the same question. Just use this formula:


Want to learn more about why this strategy is so important? Check out THIS blog post.

Miriam and staff sitting around a campfire

Community is essential.

While planning played a big part in my ability to achieve the Guinness World Record ™, none of it would have been possible without the support of my family, friends and staff.

It takes an extraordinary team to do extraordinary things.

Not sure where to find your community? Check out my FREE Children’s Book Writers Community.

Who can help you get started, navigate your biggest questions, and celebrate your success?

Anything is possible.

Even though I was promoting a book about believing in yourself, I doubted whether I could actually win the Guinness World Record ™.

I wondered if I could actually pull it off.

After all, I’d told everyone about this goal to recruit their help. If I didn’t get it, I wouldn’t only let myself down — I’d let down thousands of readers, parents and educators too.

Of course when the time came, I broke the record and did exactly what I had set out to do. I had nothing to fear. I just had to believe in myself.

The same applies to you in whichever goal you’re striving for. 

When you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

Miriam and family with the Guinness World Record

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