Picture Book Template: Free Resource for Writers 

This is my 32-Page Picture Book Template. It's a low-tech editing tool that will help you when you're getting ready to talk to an illustrator. Here's why.

Your Free Picture Book Template

The Template is Easy to Use

All you have to do is copy parts of your manuscript and paste them into the blank spaces provided. The template will give you an idea of how your story will spread over the whole book. Afterwards you can print it off and staple it together to get a real feel for what your book might look like.

The Picture Book Template will Keep You on Track

Did you know 32 pages is the standard for children's books? Or that almost all children’s picture books are under 1000 words?

This template will help you stay on track by helping you see where you have too many words on one page, where you can match a scene change to a page break, or if you aren't using the most of your allotted 32 pages. 

Organize your manuscript in a 32 Page Picture Book Template.

It Will Allow You to Visualize Your Book

When you download your free Picture Book Template, you'll notice it's very visual. With this template, you'll get to see what your book might look like once you get to hold it in your hands.

It will also help you account for essential pages such as the title page, copyright page, and dedication page (leaving 29 pages for your manuscript).

My First Picture Book Template

When I wrote my first book I didn't have this template. I just stapled together a bunch of papers then printed off my manuscript and cut out the sections of text that I thought would do well on each page. To give me a good sense of how my book would look, I glued the different pieces in.

While this may be a very simple strategy, it's so necessary! I don't know about you, but I need to see something and hold it in my hands to get a feel for what it will look like. My makeshift template helped me edit my draft, make sure each page was a page-turner, and examine the story's flow.

When I wrote my first children’s book, I had no idea these 32 page printing requirements even existed. All I had was an idea that I thought could be great and a deep desire to make a difference.

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Organize your manuscript in a 32 Page Picture Book Template.

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