Three Secrets of Publishing 

Every industry has secrets the general public doesn’t know about. It’s safe to say that the publishing industry isn’t any different. In this blog you’ll discover the three biggest secrets of publishing.

Three Secrets of Publishing

There Are Many Ways to Publish

Lots of new writers think that traditional publishing is the only option. They think they have to write a full manuscript, edit it, find an agent, submit it to publishers, and wait for acceptance. But this isn’t the case anymore. With online publishing services available all over the world, it’s possible to publish in many different ways. 

The three main methods to publish are:

  • Traditional Publishing
  • Self-Publishing
  • Hybrid Publishing

I’d argue that this is one of the most important secrets of publishing, as different publishing methods are best for different writers. Before you settle on traditional publishing, consider the other options, too.

Are those terms unfamiliar to you? Check out my blog on traditional vs. self vs. hybrid publishing HERE.

Marketing is Forever

This is one of the secrets of publishing that can be difficult for first-time authors to accept, often because they learn it too late.

Many writers believe that if they get their book traditionally published, the job is done and the publisher will take care of all the marketing. Unfortunately, that’s far from the truth.

No matter how you publish, you’ll need to be diligent about marketing your book in order to make sales. A traditional publisher will help, but the grunt work is up to you.

Interested in Writing a Children's Book?

Anyone CAN Publish a Children’s Book

In my years of experience as an author and publisher, I’ve met countless people who dream of publishing but don’t think they can. Whether it be lack of writing experience, a shortage of understanding, or a lack of self-confidence. But the truth is much more hopeful (and it’s unfortunately one of the secrets of publishing).

Anyone CAN write and publish a great children’s book.

It’s all about finding the right support and taking the first step. Once you get those, it becomes much, much easier.

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