The Magic of Attending an Author Event: A Journey of Community 

In the world of books and publishing, writers become connected in such a meaningful way. And if you’re prioritizing community while you work on a children’s book, you’ll experience this tenfold. But meeting through a screen is just a taste of what it’s like to be connected with like-minded authors. In this blog, we'll discover what it's like attending an author event and have an unforgettable experience.

The Magic of Attending an Author Event

You Get to Meet Your Virtual Friends In-Person

It’s inevitable that you will virtually meet people and make connections as you work on a picture book. I love that writing brings people together in this way. But most times, these relationships are founded through screens. While these can still be great relationships, it’s so powerful to meet these friends in-person. You get to see their eyes light up as they smile. They hug you, and you can feel their warmth and kindness. You share laughter in real-time (no delays or bad internet). It’s an indescribable feeling, finally being able to put faces to emails and usernames. And it’s only the beginning of attending an author event.

You Feel the Energy of Having Like-Minded Writers Working Together

The energy at these events is electric, as authors and aspiring writers come together by attending an author event to celebrate their shared love for making a difference. Workshops, panels, and discussions allow attendees to learn about themselves, others, and grow together. The mutual passion for inspiring the readers is invigorating and can reignite your own creative spark. It also gives you a safe space to belong, laugh, cry, and step out of your comfort zone. It’s the kind of energy that will give you goosebumps.

You Experience All the Emotions as a Community

Working on your mindset is a very personal journey. Then, combining that with the community and energy of being in the room with like-minded friends and mentors sets the emotions at an all time high. At first it feels uncomfortable. Some may even wonder what they got themselves into. But then you discover it’s okay to be vulnerable, because when you do, you’re met with open arms, love, and acceptance for exactly who you are and how you express yourself. When you’re attending an author event, you don’t need to ask for permission to be authentic. Authenticity is praised, and a room full of authentic people, experiencing joy and inspiration and movement all together, is indescribable.

You Create Deep and Lasting Connections

The connections you make while attending an author event go beyond the event itself. Whether you're bonding over a mutual love for encouraging young readers and serving others, or you're discussing your own goals, the people you meet can become lifelong friends and supporters. These connections can even lead to book clubs, writing groups, and collaborative projects, which can bring you even closer to achieving your dreams.

You Can't Wait for the Next Event

One of the most remarkable aspects of attending an author event is the excitement it generates for the future. As you leave the event, you can't help but anticipate the next one. The prospect of meeting new authors, reconnecting with friends, and diving into the world of self-development once again becomes a beacon of excitement each year. Author events aren't just one-time occurrences; they're part of an ongoing journey that enriches your love for books and encouragement.

To Sum It Up…

Attending an author event is a truly magical experience. It's an opportunity to meet virtual friends in-person, soak in the energy of like-minded writers, share emotions as part of a community, forge deep and lasting connections, and eagerly anticipate the next event. It's a celebration of a shared dream and a testament to the enduring power of written words to bring people together. So, if you haven't attended an author event yet, make it a priority on your literary journey — you won't be disappointed.

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