How to Think Like a Writer 

It’s no secret that writing can be hard. First there’s finding out what to write about, then actually sitting down to write it, then finding the courage to publish it. It takes a lot of commitment and confidence to become an author, which is why so many talented writers never see their work get the attention it deserves. I strongly believe that mindset plays a big part in whether you will get published and achieve success, which is why I want to share how to think like a writer. With a strong mindset and a desire to write, you can accomplish your dreams.

3 MUSTS to Think Like a Writer

In order to think like a writer, there are three things you need to do. These things may take practice, but they’ll make all the difference in the long haul. And don’t worry, I’ll break them down for you!

  1. Persevere & Overcome Rejection
  2. Remember Your Why
  3. Reaffirm Daily

Persevere & Overcome Rejection

Becoming a successful writer requires perseverance. Even if you’re the best, you will face rejection. Unfortunately, it’s just a part of the craft.

If you want to think like a writer, you must focus on perseverance, and you must remember that rejection is normal. Even Jack Canfield, the great mind behind the multi-million dollar Chicken Soup for the Soul empire, was rejected by 144 publishers before his book was picked up. It went on to sell 500 million copies.

Know that you CAN do it, as long as you keep trying.

Remember Your Why

There will be times when you feel like giving up. You might feel like you’re in over your head or that you just aren’t cut out for it. In those moments, you need to think like a writer by remembering your why.

Your why is the reason why you’re writing. It’s the motivating force that will push you to never give up.

Maybe you want to write to make a difference in readers’ lives. Or perhaps you want to build a career out of it so you can support your family. Or maybe you simply love books and want to contribute to the industry.

No matter what your why is, remember it. It will fuel you when times get tough.

TIP: Write down your why and paste it somewhere you’ll see it each day, so you can stay motivated and focused on your goal.

Reaffirm Daily to Think Like a Writer

It’s easy to forget to think like a writer, especially at the beginning. To make your intentions count, it’s important to reaffirm your mindset daily. You can pick a phrase to recite each day, do a self-esteem exercise, meditate, or anything other affirming practice that works for you.

As long as you make the writing mindset a habit instead of a chore, you’ll be sure to stay motivated throughout the writing, publishing, and launching process.


Ready to build your self-esteem? Developing a new discipline is easy with this cheatsheet taped to your mirror. 

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