Book Designer: Who They Are & What They Do 

So, what’s a book designer? Well, I’m sure you figured they're someone who designs books. But, what exactly does that mean and do you need one?

Who Needs a Book Designer

Simply put, if you’re working on publishing a book, you need one. They put your illustrations and story together not only to make it look nice, but also to make sure it meets printing requirements.

In a previous blog post, I discussed the importance of having a great front cover (if you missed it, click here to check it out!) Well, to have a great front cover you also need a great book designer.

What They Do 

Book designers are awesome at making sure the front cover, back cover, and spine of your book are legible and attractive to a potential buyer. They know exactly where to put your name, book title, etc., to make sure your book is looking and reading its best.
But your whole book needs to look great, not just the outside.

Luckily, they take care of the inside too. Once you have your illustrations and text ready to go, they'll work alongside you to put the inside of your book together and make sure it’s appealing to the eye and easy to read.

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What 'Printing Requirements' Means to a Book Designer

To make sure that your book is still looking and reading its best after it’s printed, they'll check for things like margin sizes, gutter* sizes, and printer specifications.
*Gutter refers to the part of the page that pulls in toward the binding
By meeting these requirements, they'll make sure that, when you hold your printed book in your hands, it’s surprise-free. No cut-off illustrations, no illegible text, no surprises.

Book Designer vs. Graphic Designer

I often use these terms interchangeably. But when you’re hiring, make sure the candidate has experience working in book design.

Every book designer is a graphic designer, but not every graphic designer is a book designer. Finally, make sure to always ask to see their previous work before hiring.

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