Finding the money to self-publish your children’s book can be a challenge. If this is one of the reasons you haven’t published your book yet, I want you to know that I hear you, I understand, and you CAN save money while you self-publish.

At the end of the day, I want you to make your publishing dream come true and inspire the children in your life with a powerful story.

Here are 3 ways to save money while you self-publish.

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Pre-Edit Your Manuscript

Edit your manuscript thoroughly before you go to a professional editor. Then you’ll only need a few rounds of professional editing instead of a whole handful, saving you some extra cash.

Want to make sure your manuscript hits all the fundamentals of children's book storytelling? 

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Hire a Student

Part of self-publishing includes hiring an illustrator, which can be costly if you don't know what to expect. To save money while you self-publish, ask the local college or university if they have any talented artists looking to gain experience. You might be able to find a great illustrator for a lesser cost.

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Find a Sponsor

As you prepare to launch your children's book, reach out to local businesses and ask if they’d be willing to sponsor your Launch Party. Finding sponsors is a great way to save money while you self-publish.

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Bonus: Avoid Rookie Mistakes by Learning More

One of the best ways to save money while you self-publish your children’s book is by learning as much as you can before you start publishing.

When I published my first children’s book, I made plenty of mistakes along the way, all of which cost me plenty of time & money.

But here's the thing — every mistake I made was avoidable. Now that I know better, I don’t want you to make the same mistakes.

My Children’s Book Masterclass is a tried & true roadmap that will teach you exactly how to write, publish and launch your children’s book.

In other words, it’s the #1 way to avoid rookie mistakes and save money in the long run. Click HERE to learn more about how CBM has helped other writers publish their books.

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