The Big, Bad Bully - Book Reading and Self- Esteem Building Exercises

This is a recording of the virtual book reading that was live on October 30, 2019. THANK YOU to everyone who was able to participate LIVE, and for sharing this message with the children in your life.

Watch authors Jack Canfield and Miriam Laundry as they read the book and go over self-esteem building exercises. The following can be found at the times listed below:

  • Reading of the story of the The Big, Bad Bully (0:00-9:25 min)
  • Recognizing your Inner Bully (9:25 - 10:54)
  • The Mirror Exercise - participation friendly (10:55 - 18:52)
  • Changing "I CAN'T" to "I CAN" (18:53-22:10)
  • Affirmations exercise - participation friendly (22:10 - 27:30)
  • Acrostic poem with your name (27:30 - 29:00)
  • Guided Visualization (29:00 - 35:00)
  • Vision Boards (35:00 - 39:18)
  • Q&A (39:18 - 56:00)

This picture book is a gripping story of a young girl who is bullied year after year, struggling with self-esteem. But when she decides to stand up to her tormentor, what she discovers is truly eye-opening. The bully she confronts is herself!

The Big, Bad Bully is a tremendous tool for helping children become aware of their thoughts and includes powerful workbook exercises and resources for implementing healthy self-esteem habits that will last a lifetime.

  • Best for Grades 3-8
  • Authors: Jack Canfield & Miriam Laundry
  • Illustrator: Eva Morales
  • Publisher: HCI Books

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