Happy New Year!

With the new year freshly arrived, everyone is looking at 2020 and deciding what they want to accomplish in this brand new year. Of course, this year is extra special because it is the beginning of a new decade as well! It can be intimidating to plan so far ahead, but looking back at 2019, I am SO THANKFUL that I set the goals I did. If I hadn't set these goals, I may not have had such a successful and fun year. 

Professionally, I was able to publish The Big, Bad Bully with Jack and I got my six new clients to publish for 2020! I also had individual goals for each of my children, and I was able to accomplish them! For Lucas, he wanted to work on his reading skills, and I am proud to say he is reading fluently now. Aiden wanted help with volleyball and to get on a good team, and he achieved that, too! Sarina was suffering from some acne issues, and we were finally able to find a solution! Her new, clear complexion has helped her feel really great about herself.

I am still working on Alissa's goal, which is to have an amazing Quincenera. She loved her sister's a couple years back, and hers is coming up this month. I am well on my way to helping her achieve that goal as well. Below is a photo from Sarina's Quincenera (Sarina is on the left, and Alissa on the right). I will be sure to share some photos with you from Alissa's in a few weeks.

I am a bit of a goal-geek. I like to know what I want and have a plan in place to get it done. There is nothing like looking back and realizing that you have achieved something you really wanted. Now, I know New Year's Goals are infamous for not being kept, so here is my tip for setting goals for the decade:

Write yourself a letter imagining what your life will be like in 2030. Think about what your family will be like, what your health will be like, and what your finances will be like when you accomplish your goals. Think about how that will feel and how your daily schedule will change. Address the letter for January 1, 2030 and put it in a safe place. Not the "safe place" that is a black hole where stuff is lost forever, haha, but a place you will be sure to find it. Maybe even set a reminder on your phone with the location. 

My suggestion: open that letter up on the first of every new year. It will help keep your goals in mind.

I'm very excited for this new year and decade and can't wait to see where it takes us! We can DO this!

I know a lot of people have a goal of writing a book. If this is you, I will be offering an online six-week writing course in February, AND I will be choosing another six authors to work with and publish in May/June 2020 with my Publishing Mastermind.

If you need some extra help with goal-setting, I have some blog post links at the very bottom of this email that can help you with setting goals you are SURE to achieve.

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