How to Promote Literacy During Still Moments 

If you’ve ever had a day off, you know how easy it is to curl up with a heartwarming book and sip at a fresh earl grey tea. But you’ll also know that it can be tough to encourage children and students to spend their spare time with a good book. In this blog, you’ll discover strategies to promote literacy during the still moments in life.

Strategies to Promote Literacy During Still Moments

Find a Book Genre They Enjoy

It’s common for children and students not to pick up a reading habit because the only books they encounter are the books they have to read for school group-reading projects. Not to say that those books aren’t great (because they are!) but they aren’t the ideal read for every child.

To promote literacy in a child’s life, try sifting through different genres to see what works for your child or student’s needs. You might try a graphic novel, a comedic book, or maybe even nonfiction.

Fun books like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney, the Dork Diaries series by Rachel Renée Russell and the Bone series by Jeff Smith are all great options!

Give Them a Reading Challenge

For some children, they need a bit of healthy competition to promote literacy. If you have multiple children or a classroom to inspire, give them a challenge. You might start a reading race to see who can finish their book the fastest, or go for the long haul and see who can read the most pages in the span of a month or year.


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Reward Their Reading

Other children are inspired by tangible rewards. To promote literacy in your child or student’s life, reward them when they read by their own choice. You might get them a special treat every time they finish a book or take them for a fun day out to celebrate their new passion for books.

No matter how you decide to promote literacy in your child or student’s life, I hope your efforts inspire a lifetime of reading. After all, who doesn’t love a good book?

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