Boost Book Sales with School Visits for Children’s Authors 

Are you an author or publisher looking to connect with young readers and increase your book sales? Hosting school visits can be an effective way to engage with your target audience, create lasting memories, and ultimately boost book sales. In this blog, we'll walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to host school visits for children’s authors.

How to Host Effective School Visits for Children’s Authors

1. Get in Touch with Schools

The first step in organizing a school visit is to establish contact with local schools. Reach out to teachers, librarians, or school administrators to pitch the idea of your visit. Highlight the educational and motivational aspects of your presentation, emphasizing how it aligns with their curriculum or reading goals and how it’s different from other school visits for children’s authors.

2. Prepare Pre Order Forms

Before your visit, it's essential to create pre order forms for your books. Providing students with the opportunity to order your books in advance not only generates excitement but also ensures that they have access to your work even after the visit. Collaborate with schools to distribute these forms to students well ahead of the scheduled visit (this will be a huge part of boosting sales through school visits for children’s authors).

3. Obtain Media Permission

If you plan to document the school visit through photographs or videos, make sure to obtain media permission from the school and parents. This not only protects the privacy of the students but also allows you to share the memorable moments from the visit through your social media channels and website, further promoting your books. If there are any parents who do not agree, please respect their decision and refrain from taking photographs / video of that child.

4. Visit Schools

On the day of the visit, arrive well-prepared. Tailor your presentation to the age group you'll be addressing, making it both entertaining and educational. Share insights about your writing process, the inspiration behind your books, and the importance of reading. Engage students with interactive activities that relate to your book's themes or characters. Then, your day will stand out from the other school visits for children’s authors.


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5. Give Away Freebies

Everyone loves freebies! Consider giving away bookmarks, stickers, or other small items that relate to your books. These little mementos can serve as constant reminders of the enjoyable time students had during your visit. Make sure your branding and book details are prominently displayed on these items.

6. Sell Books

The culmination of every one of your school visits for children’s authors should be an opportunity to sell your books directly to the students. Offer signed copies or personalized messages to make the books more special. Having pre order forms in hand will help streamline the purchasing process, and students who have already ordered books can pick them up during the visit.

7. Follow Up

After your school visits for children’s authors, maintain the momentum by sending thank-you notes to the school staff and administrators who helped organize the event. Express your gratitude and provide feedback on the positive aspects of the visit. This can foster lasting relationships and open the door for potential future visits.

8. Leverage Social Media

Share highlights from the school visit on your social media platforms. Post photos, videos, and anecdotes from the event, showcasing the enthusiastic participation of students. This not only acknowledges the school's hospitality but also creates buzz around your books and author brand.

9. Monitor Book Sales

Keep track of your book sales in the aftermath of the school visits for children’s authors. Evaluate the impact by comparing the sales figures before and after the event. If there's a noticeable spike in sales, it's a clear indicator that your school visit strategy has been successful.

Hosting school visits for children’s authors that resonate with students and boost book sales requires careful planning, engaging content, and effective marketing. By following these steps and infusing your unique authorial charm, you can create an unforgettable experience that not only leaves a positive impression on young minds but also leads to a substantial increase in your book sales.

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