7 Social Media Post Ideas for Authors 

Once your book is published and in your hands, it’ll be up to you to get it out in the world. To do that, you’ll need to market your book. With all of the screens and social media in the world today, it’ll be important for you to promote your book on social media. Here are 7 post ideas for authors to help get you started.

7 Social Media Post Ideas for Authors

About You

If you’re new to social media, it’ll be important to establish a friendly relationship with your followers. Try posting about who you are and why you chose to write. The more your followers know you, the more likely they are to buy your book.

You can try these post ideas for authors:

  • Five fun facts about me
  • How I started writing this book
  • Why I decided to write a children’s book
  • My favourite books, podcasts, etc.
  • This or That preferences (e.g., tea or coffee)

Inspirational Quotes

If you’re running low on post ideas for authors, I find a good quote serves well. The quote can be anything you find funny, inspirational, motivating, etc. Even better is if you can find quotes about writing or reading!

A Day in the Life

Similar to about you, a day in the life offers a glimpse behind the curtain. Show your audience what your daily life looks like, from the kind of tea or coffee you start the day with to your writing routine each day. 

If you don’t write every day, you can share what else you do in your spare time. Maybe you run errands, chauffeur children and grandchildren, cook your favourite recipes, and more. 

No matter what you share, your followers will be interested to see what your life looks like.

Your Writing Routine

As you brainstorm post ideas for authors, consider how to share your writing routine with your followers. Since creativity is so unique to every individual, writers and readers love knowing more about an author’s creative process.

Maybe you go to a local coffee shop and write without distraction, or maybe you get up in the wee hours of the morning to get your creativity fix before the rest of the house wakes. Either way, your audience will love to hear about it!

Tips & Tricks

Got any helpful tips or tricks to share? Tell your audience! Whether you have tips to stay motivated while writing or tricks to get stains out of clothing, share them with your followers. They’ll appreciate the advice and grow their trust in you. This is always a great post idea for authors!

Personal Insights

Most writers undergo personal growth as they work on their craft. If you’ve already published, you know this firsthand. One of the greatest post ideas for authors is to share some personal insights you’ve gained through the whole process. You might even help out an author-in-progress!

Market Your Book

Of course, once your book is published and ready to sell, use your social media accounts to start marketing! You can host giveaways, online launch parties, or simply talk about why your book is special.

BUT don’t overdo it on the selling. A good rule of thumb is to post personal/value content 80% of the time and sell 20% of the time. Then you won’t overwhelm your followers with relentless selling.

What To Do Once You’ve Planned Your Posts

Once you have all your post ideas for authors laid out and ready to go, you’ll need to post consistently. To start, it doesn’t matter how much you post, only that you’re posting regularly. I’d recommend starting with 1-2 posts per week, then increasing as you get more comfortable. Before you know it, you’ll have a strong following!

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