I first started writing The Big Bad, Bully in 2015 and since then, it's gone through quite the journey. Here's an overview of how my fourth bestselling children's book came to be.

The Big Bad Bully's Journey

2015: The Beginning

In the beginning, The Big Bad Bully was just a dream. I had the idea, but I also knew I wanted to co-author it with Jack Canfield, so I put it on my vision board. I took a picture that I had of us with my first book and cut out a picture of The Big Bad Bully. Then I and combined them. I look at this picture now and think, what a bad mock-up, but it served its purpose. 

2017: The TEDx Talk

The story idea came from my daughter. She inspired me to tell the story of a young girl who was bullying herself. Before I had the manuscript fully written, I turned the idea into a Toastmasters speech. Around the same time, a local high school announced that they were hosting a TEDx event. What timing! Now I had the opportunity to present my speech, “The Bully in the Mirror”, to a large group of teens and test the idea for my latest journey.

2018: Publishing

One year later, I signed a publishing deal with HCI Books for The Big, Bad, Bully!

2019: Book Signing with Jack Canfield

In 2019, The Big Bad Bully finally became a reality. We had such an awesome time signing an advanced shipment of books at three different book signings: St. Catharines, Toronto, and Salt Lake City. It was really wonderful to spend some time with everyone who came out. Catching up with long-time supporters and meeting new fans with Jack — a dream come true. 

During our journey, we had radio and TV interviews to get the word out about The Big, Bad Bully! 

2019: Book Launch Day

We received overwhelming support from people sharing the book and buying online. We were so excited that the message got out! Thank you for sharing and helping to spread the word.

2019: The Virtual Book Reading

Everyone who purchased copies of The Big, Bad Bully got access to a live reading plus self-esteem building exercises with Jack and I. The really cool thing was seeing so many classrooms and schools participate and from all over the world too. We had people sign up from Bolivia, Sweden, New Zealand and of course Canada and the USA. Our journey became a worldwide mission!

My Journey

Throughout my journey, I've felt your love and your wonderful support. It truly was a dream come true. Although patience and perseverance certainly played their part. To be honest, I wasn’t worried that it took four years to come to bear. I knew it would happen. 

One of the coolest things was being able to hang out with Jack for about a week, spending time working together, and seeing a master at work.

If you purchased a copy of The Big, Bad Bully please leave a review on Amazon if you have’t already. A BIG thank you, again, for your help in spreading the message of The Big, Bad Bully.

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