Why Writers Publish (Despite the Odds) 

There are many reasons why writers publish children’s books, despite the difficulty of breaking into the industry. Considering that many first time authors never publish, the writers that do must have some strong motivation to persevere.  Have you ever thought about YOUR why? In this blog, we’ll uncover the main reasons why writers publish so you can figure out which one applies to you (and how it can help you see your name in print).

Why Writers Publish Their Children’s Books

Make an Income

Many writers decide to publish their work as a source of income. But this isn’t just about making money. It’s also about being passionate about your job. If you’ve ever worked a job that you dreaded waking up to, you know what I’m talking about.

Some people are wired to work on their passion projects full-time. While it isn’t sustainable for everyone, many writers like to dedicate their lives to the craft.

That’s not to say you can’t be successful unless you quit your job. This simply isn’t the case. That’s where the other reasons why writers publish come into the picture.

Share a Message & Make a Difference

Another reason why writers publish is because they have a message to share with their audience. Whether it be fun, heartfelt, or serious, good stories inevitably make an impact. 

Think about the story you’re writing / have written. Does it teach a life lesson for the child to carry into adulthood? Or is it a lighthearted story designed to make the reader smile?

Either way, it seems you’re motivated by a desire to make a difference.

This was the reason I published I CAN Believe in Myself. I wanted to teach children that they can do anything as long as they keep at it.

See Their Name in Print

Writers who are very passionate about their work might be motivated to publish because they feel that they deserve some recognition. If this is you, I can’t blame you! 

Writing a book is no easy task, often requiring hours of writing, editing, and research. This is especially true if you decide to self-publish.

(As opposed to traditional publishing where the publisher takes over everything OR hybrid publishing, where the publisher does the research for you and aids you in the publishing process. You can read more about hybrid publishing HERE). 

This is a very legitimate reason why writers publish their children’s books, though I find it usually pairs up with another reason, whether that be making an income or sharing a message.

How to Use Your Why To Your Advantage

The reason why writers publish children’s books can be used to your advantage. No matter which reason you identify with, it can be a motivation tool.

When you remember your WHY, you’ll be more likely to follow through with publishing despite any hurdles you may face.

You can read more about How to Think Like a Writer (and use your WHY to your advantage) in THIS blog.

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