Author Events: Why You MUST Attend 

Have you ever been to an author event? Author events are great because they give you the opportunity to network with other writers, build a supportive and like minded community, and share your story. In this blog we’ll discover the reasons why you MUST attend these live events and how they can ignite your author journey.

Why You MUST Attend Author Events

You Can Meet Other Writers at Author Events

The most successful creatives have (or had) a supportive community. Think of great writers like C.S. Lewis of The Chronicles of Narnia and J.R.R. Tolkien of The Lord of the Rings. They had The Inklings, a small group of writers dedicated to inspiring and supporting one another.

The Inklings, Image Courtesy the Marion E. Wade Center, Wheaton College.

As a writer yourself, it’s absolutely necessary to have a group of other writers who you can turn to when you need them. This internet age makes finding that community easier than ever, but an online meeting can never truly replace connecting in-person. Author events are a great way to start creating that support group.

It’s a Good Opportunity to Market Your Book

Another reason author events are such a great opportunity is that you can market your book. I’m talking about networking, of course. Whether it be through word of mouth, setting up partnerships with other writers, or bringing copies of your book to sell right then and there. In-person events are the perfect place to expand and strengthen those relationships that are essential to selling books.

Remember, no one understands the importance of marketing and selling children’s books as much as other writers. Odds are your newfound friends will take a great interest in your book and be more than happy to support you.

You’ll Build Lifelong Friendships

Speaking of friends, in-person author events are a great place to build strong connections. You’ll be surrounded by other writers who have faced similar challenges along their journey, and you’ll get the chance to bond over your shared experiences.

Not to mention you also share the same passion: to make a positive difference in your readers’ lives.

That kind of friendship doesn’t come by often, but once it does, it’s there to stay. That’s why LIVE conferences like these are a MUST.

You Can Reignite Your Passion For Impacting the World Through Books

Has writing a book been on your bucket list? Maybe you’ve already published a book but haven’t reached the success you truly want. Perhaps you feel like it might be too late to realize your dreams…

If you can relate to any of these things, then you NEED to attend a LIVE author event. Specifically, you need one that can give you…

  • The growth strategies to remove your fear and activate confidence in your book, your message, and yourself

  • A trusted advisor to help you build the mindset that is necessary to build belief in your vision and your book

  • A refresh to kickstart your clarity on your next chapter so you can stop waiting and start doing

Not sure where to start? I offer in-person events! Click that button to get the latest info 👆

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