If you’ve ever felt stuck while writing, then you know how instrumental professional guidance is in a writer’s life. While receiving 1-on-1 attention from a publishing expert can be hard to come by, there are plenty of published authors who are willing to share their top tips. Here are 5 pieces of writing advice from bestselling children’s authors to help you escape writer’s block and pursue success.

Writing Advice from Bestselling Children’s Authors

Essential Writing Advice: Tell Your Story

The first tip comes from Janet Francis, the bestselling author of Lucky’s Hidden Talent

writing advice from janet francis: If anyone has a story to tell and if a book is the best way to tell that story, then do it. Write the book and tell your story.

Keep Writing, No Matter the Time or Place

Sally Wong, bestselling author of Too Young, has this advice to share.

writing advice from sally wong: Write down your stories, and keep writing. Don’t be afraid to put into words, the thoughts that have been swirling in your head. Write them on a computer, a piece of paper, a journal, but keep writing.

Persevere & Find Support

Writing advice is great, but a supportive community can get you even farther. Bestselling author Brian Williams understands this firsthand.

writing advice from brian williams: Don’t give up. Stick with it and surround yourself with support from others who are on the same journey.

Simply put...

Lauren A. Bertone, the bestselling author of The Bright Purple Monster, shares this simple yet powerful advice.

writing advice from lauren bertone: The key to getting stuff done is to sit down and get it done.

Writing Advice for Any Occasion 

Co-authors Karen Worthy and Jackie Freeman of the bestselling children’s book Bend Your Knees, Louise know the most important truth of all when it comes to writing.

writing advice from karen worthy and jackie freeman: Believe in your story!

Ensure a Quality Manuscript with This Writing Advice

Of course you can take writing advice a step further. Maybe you’re not low on motivation. Maybe you simply aren’t sure how to put a professional manuscript together. If you can relate, I can reassure you with this:

When I wrote my first children’s book, I had no writing experience.

Now I have my own publishing company. In other words, you CAN write a top-quality manuscript. You just need someone to show you the way.

Download my FREE Children’s Book Blueprint to get instant writing advice about how to put a story together. I’d love to help you find the confidence that comes from knowing your manuscript follows a professional outline.

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