Amazon Bestseller Status: How to Get It 

How do you reach Amazon bestseller status?

Though there are many variables that can have an effect on your bestseller rank, there are a couple of strategies you can use to tilt the odds in your favour.


One of the best things a first-time author can do to boost sales as they strive for bestseller status is by picking a launch day.

This will be the day your book officially becomes available to the public.

A few weeks prior to your launch day, I encourage you to create some buzz. Start spreading the word about your upcoming launch and get people excited.

Then, they’ll be warmed up & ready to buy when launch day comes around.

This is also a great strategy because it funnels a large portion of your book sales into one day.

(If you remember from last week’s blog post, you’ll know that daily sales can play a big role in determining your bestseller rank)

You can read more about Launch Days in THIS blog post.


Last week I talked about the importance of Amazon product categories and how each general category (e.g., Toys & Games, Books, etc.) are broken down into a series of subcategories that get more specific/niche the farther down you go.

And, the more niche your category is, the less books you’ll find in each category*.

Less books in your category = less competition for bestseller status

*Even though it’s a good idea to pick specific/niche categories for your Amazon listing, it’s just as important to pick categories that are relevant to your book.

At the end of the day, categories are meant to help buyers find the exact products they’re looking for. 

If you put your book in an irrelevant category, you’ll only make it harder for buyers to find it! (which will not help your sales)

Going for bestseller status can feel intimidating, but I want you to know you CAN do it!

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